9th Annual Road to the Pogue 

Thanks to all of this year's runners! Results are now posted online.



"What a terrific event! I especially wanted to compliment you on the course layout. Since trail design has been my livelihood for the

past couple of decades, I'm very discriminating about courses. You (or members of your team) did a masterful job of creating a challenging (but not crippling) course that incorporates all the magnificent view points of the property. In my view, you had a terrific balance of manageable climbs, gradual descents and enjoyable, rolling terrain.

The bagpiper in the fog at the Pogue was almost magical."

-John Morton, Morton Trails

Road to the Pogue is participating in the 2015 Upper Valley Running Series, which features 8 unique Vermont/New Hampshire running races. Learn more and sign up for the whole series!

The Road to the Pogue is produced by a volunteer group underneath the umbrella of CBHM, Inc., the not-for-profit organization that produces the Covered Bridges Half Marathon (www.CBHM.com).

The 6.1 mile course is described as "challenging but beautiful" and is located on the grounds of the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park. The Road to the Pogue received approval from the National Park Service in November, 2006.